Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PARSS position on proposed budget

The Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools stands in support of Governor Wolf's proposed budget. We agree that our state is poised on the edge of an extremely deep financial hole. The way to avoid the hole, to the extent that it is still possible to do so, is for the General Assembly to properly fund the needs of the state's people and institutions, for which it has historically taken full, or partial, responsibility. Further inaction, or obfuscation, harms all, but particularly the most vulnerable and needy.

For Pennsylvania to have the sort of future we all want for our children and grandchildren, we must raise the revenues needed to do the job right, or face a moral, humanitarian and economic crisis unseen by all but a few of our citizens. These are matters that are far greater in import than any elected officeholder personal political future. Any who think that we can cut our way out of this mess is helping ensure the kind of outcomes they think they can prevent through austerity.

Joseph Bard
Executive Director

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