Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Dear Colleagues,

This morning the Pennsylvania Supreme Court heard the oral argument regarding the fair education-funding lawsuit.


The courtroom, hallways and an additional overflow courtroom were filled with individuals who believed in our cause. I was extremely proud to be there to represent our organization. Some individuals drove from Erie to show their support.


The question before the court was simple in nature: do Pennsylvania schools and families get their day in court to prove that education funding in PA is inequitable and inadequate? This question was posed to the seven Supreme Court justices who were engaged in the argument.  The presentation of the argument was organized, concise and very informative and was supported with valid facts.


Folks, today was a good step forward to helping ALL kids in Pennsylvania. As a result of PARRS supporting this, you can feel very confident we are doing the RIGHT thing. By doing the right thing we are not going to be welcomed by the general assembly with open arms. But as I said, this cause is for KIDS.


I assume we will get some decision perhaps in February and or March. If the result is positive then we are off to court to make our case. The timing of the courts decision could come at the same time of the release of the budget…perhaps a perfect storm in the making.


I will keep you posted and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Ed Albert

Assistant Executive Director