Thursday, February 4, 2016

Higher courts could deal the cards????

Pa. high court might force school funding fix

With Democrats in control, the high court might force changes to property tax focused school funding.

York Daily Record Opinion by Charlie Bacas, Guest Writer12:47 p.m. EST February 3, 2016

Charlie Bacas retired as co-owner of a software tool company, was formerly chief of staff to the state House Majority Leader, has lived in York City for 50 years and is a Democrat. 

As Pennsylvania’s toxic state budget impasse, now more than 200 days old, careens into this 2016 election year, it is clear that the people of Pennsylvania are in need of a squadron of Jedi knights to come swooping in on their X-wing fighters to rescue them.  Hold that thought: only now picture those Jedi knights in the robes of Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices, because I’m here to tell you that the X-wing fighters are already in the sky over Harrisburg and that there’s every likelihood that the funding of public schools in Pennsylvania – the crux of the on-going budget battle – could well feel the impact of a stunning Supreme Court decision sometime later this year.

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