Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kids Hurting

Budget impasse is the cause for debt at Carbondale Area SD

The Carbondale Area SD (Lackawanna Co.) is feeling the effects of the budget impasse. The district has borrowed $900,000 just to make payroll. Its cash balance is currently $200,000 but with the borrowed money, it actually owes $700,000. There are doubts that Carbondale will be able to make its mid-September payroll. The district is currently still waiting on $1.2 million in PlanCon reimbursements and has spent $2.4 million on 200 charter school students in the past four years. The district is unable to replace 18 teachers who were cut four years ago. Additionally, the district is currently six months behind on its PSERS payments and has not paid any non-essential bills in 45 days. Now is the time to pass a state budget, for the students and staff of the Carbondale Area SD and all school districts in Pennsylvania.

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