Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Quiet Capitol preludes busy session weeks to come

Author: Jason Gottesman/Tuesday, September 8, 2015/Categories: News and Views

As budget meetings between Gov. Tom Wolf and legislative Republican leaders continue in private out of Pennsylvania’s capital on the day following the extended Labor Day weekend, the Capitol’s main rotunda took on a hush reminiscent of the first few days post-budget veto.

To the outward observer, not much would appear to be going on at Pennsylvania’s seat of government.

Tuesday morning, a group representing the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania even took advantage of the hushed atmosphere and moved rotunda press conference chairs into a circle for a prayer session.

Despite its outward appearance, those in the Capitol were working behind the scenes to prepare for a ramp up in legislative action as the Senate returns to session next week and the House the following week.

Republican sources confirmed to The PLS Reporter Tuesday reports that the caucuses are anticipating moving on a stop gap budget measure in the coming weeks.

Such a move could take up the bulk of legislative session time at the end of September and add a little fire and intrigue to what has turned into subdued shuttle diplomacy.

At this point, Gov. Wolf’s press secretary Jeff Sheridan said the governor has not made any final decision as to whether or not he’ll support a stop-gap measure.

"Gov. Wolf is committed to working expeditiously toward a final budget agreement that funds education through a commonsense severance tax, provides property tax relief to middle-class families and seniors and fixes our deficit without gimmicks," he said in an email.

The budget impasse is about to crest the 70-day mark.

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